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World Tile Ceramic Market

Ceramic industry: production and analysis of key players

The annual World tile production records the value of 16.762 million m² in 2022compared to 18,572 million recorded in 2021, an annual decrease of 9.7 %. 
China produced 7,312 million m² of tiles in 2022 (8,863 million m² in 2021, a difference of -17.5 %), India reaches the value of 2,300 million  (2,550 million m² in 2021, with an annual decrease of -9.8%)


At the G20 meeting held in New Delhi, India, in September 2023, with the theme "One Earth, One Family, One Future" urgent issues including Strong and Sustainable Growth, Sustainable Development Goals, and Climate and Environmental Protection were discussed. The ceramics industry is at the forefront with respect to these issues, despite the fact that from a volume perspective, 2022 performance shows a global contraction in production (16,762 million m², compared to 18,572 million recorded in 2021, an annual decrease of 9.7 %).
The latest updates will be available from the end of October 2023 in the 11th edition of the "World Production and Consumption of Ceramic Tiles" report. In addition to general industry data, the report focuses on trends in each of the major countries in the ceramic industry.
Looking more closely at the industry's leading country, China, a more pronounced negative trend is observed, registering a production of 7,312 million m² of tiles in 2022 (compared to 8,863 million m² in 2021, marking a 17.5 % drop); a reduction due in part to a drop in domestic demand. India, while confirming its second position in terms of world production, also records a significant decrease in production, as a result of energy crisis and high inflation in 2022. Thus, India's tile production falls from 2,550 million m² in 2021 to 2,300 million in 2022 (a change of -9.8 %).
Opposite trend for many relevant countries in the ceramic industry: Viet Nam registers positive results with a growth of 25 million m² from 554 million in 2021 to 579 million m² in 2022 (an increase worth +4.5 %), Iran reaches 480 million m² of tiles produced in 2022 (in 2021 it was 458 million, +4.8 % year-on-year).
Interesting future perspectives are going to be reported in the forecast analysis "Ceramic Tile Market Forecast Analysis - Trends 2023-2027," which in addition to production projections, also reports export, consumption and import scenarios of the main economies relevant to the sector.


More details will be available in the October 2023 publications (Early bird rate 20% until October 31, 2023).





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