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The Packaging Technology Market Trends

Surveys and reports on ceramic market trends: forecast analyses based on historical trends in the global industry with lists of leading tile and ceramic machinery manufacturers

Packaging machinery: global market value and forecast 2022-2025 – LABELLING

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MECS – Ucima Study Center has developed a new short- and medium-term forecasting model (2021-2025) which aims to provide managers and entrepreneurs in the packaging machinery sector with a useful tool for analysis, forecasting and the simulation of sales variations achieved on international markets.

The MECS-Ucima proprietary econometric model for family of machines is differentiated on the basis of three distinct dimensions:

  • Client sector (Food, Beverage, Pharmaceutical, Cosmetic, Chemical, Tobacco-Tissue and others),
  • Geographical area (three degrees of detail: Global, 6 Macro-areas and 70 individual countries),
  • Family of machines (to be chosen among Filling machines, Closing machines, FS machines, FFS - Form, Fill & Seal, Cartoning machines, Wrapping machines, Palletizers, Labelling machines, Manipulators, Inspection machines, Auxiliary equipment).

These dimensions ideally represent the three axes of a system that outlines the geometric shape of the "Cube".

In this case, the analysis refers to the family of machines chosen by the customer and the relative "Single family of machines cube" allows to obtain different scenarios built starting from a specific mix of the three dimensions (for example: filling machines for the food sector destined for the European area, or closing machines for the chemical sector destined for the Chinese market).

In particular, the analysis relating to the family of machines allows to:

  • Evaluate multiple scenarios with different production mixes or new target markets, to help investment decisions in the medium term.
  • Calculate the likely evolution of company turnover over the next five years and thus facilitate the planning of budgets relating to the organization of resources.
  • Monitor the results obtained over time and compare them ex post with the forecasts.
  • Evaluate the growth rates of your business with respect to the reference market.
  • Check your company positioning and market shares.
  • Plan the entry into new geographic markets and new customer sectors.
  • Improve the identification of threats and opportunities in the market.

The analysis can be enriched - on request - with forecast surveys on the trend of the downstream sectors, in particular for consumer goods, with 5-year growth indicators of all types of packaging by size, material, type of closures.

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