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Ceramic Market

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Bundle: Asian ceramic tile market

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CHINA ceramic tiles & slabs 2021: the “yellow pages” of the world’s largest producer country. A journey through 27 Chinese regions specialized in ceramic tiles and slabs that opens the doors of 1,161 Chinese companies with a focus on the brands and factories of the 25 largest and best-known groups.

India, Ceramic Tile Market: The first atlas of the 2nd largest producer, consumer, and exporter country. A detailed analysis of Morbi which is the Ceramics hub of India and one the 3 largest ceramic manufacturing industry cluster present in the world, which houses around 700+ companies, with a focus on the growing potential of the cluster to be the next market disruptor and various underlying factors which are going to fuel the growth.  We are also going to focus on brands which are considered among the best in the Industry.

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