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Ceramic Market

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World production and consumption of ceramic tiles - NEW EDITION

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The survey (250 pages) analyses in detail the ten-year evolution - from 2012 to 2021 - of the ceramic industry and market of more than 75 countries, as well as aggregates by geographical macro-areas relating to production, consumption, import and export of ceramic tiles, with related market shares. From this edition, the analysis is enriched with forecasts on the current trend in all the main markets.

Contents: tables and graphs show data about volumes (in sqm) of production, consumption, import and export of ceramic tiles, as well as the respective market shares, short- and long-term variations and - another novelty introduced in the 2020 edition - also the values ​​in euros. Finally, the analysis for each country is accompanied by the aggregate data for each geographical macro-area.

The research photographs in a simple and intuitive way - also thanks to a new graphic - the diversified trends of the various tile producing, consuming, exporting and importing countries, grouping them by macro-regions and analysing them in their respective peculiarities.

Objectives: the volume, available in English, is a useful tool for the various business functions (from marketing to strategic planning), for analysts, researchers, consultants to define business strategies, but it can also be an interesting gift for your international clients. ceramic material manufacturers.

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