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Ceramic Market

Ranking and economic-financial studies

Bundle: Financial analysis + analysis & forecast ceramic tile market

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World production and consumption of ceramic tiles: trend 2012-2021: the survey (250 pages) analyses in detail the ten-year evolution - from 2012 to 2021 - of the ceramic industry and market of more than 75 countries, as well as aggregates by geographical macro-areas relating to production, consumption, import and export of ceramic tiles, with related market shares.

Ceramic tile market, outlook and forecast analysis: trend 2022-2026: the report  integrates and completes the historic key-product of Mecs study center with five-year production and consumption forecasts of ceramic tiles in over 80 countries.

Financial & economic analysis of world ceramic machinery manufacturers - 2019-2021

Financial & economic analysis of world Ceramic Tile manufacturers - 2019-2021

The 2 Reports provide a complete system to evaluate the performance of all the world leading ceramic machinery manufacturers and world leading ceramic tile manufacturers. The balance sheet analysis is a strategic tool to understand the dynamics of the sector and its main players and can be enriched with other survey tools made by the association, such as international sales trends and benchmarking analyses on specific data provided by the customer.


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