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Ceramic Market

Ranking and economic-financial studies

World Ceramic Tile manufacturers

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The Report provides a complete system to evaluate the performance of all the world leading ceramic tile manufacturers. The balance sheet analysis is a strategic tool to understand the dynamics of the sector and its main players and can be enriched with other survey tools made by the association, such as international sales trends and benchmarking analyses on specific data provided by the customer.

Contents: in the 684 pages of the report the financial statements of over 280 companies are reclassified according to the IAS-IFRS international standards, which allow an immediate comparison of companies of different nationalities, both with each other and with respect to national and global average values as well as those of their peers, similar for management and results (cluster analysis). The items of the individual economic-financial indicators are also enriched with ratings and scoring of reliability, liquidity and financial solidity of the main global providers (More, Falcon and CRIF). The study is completed by the world rankings of companies based on 15 different ratios and the final MECS ranking based on an innovative multi-dimensional index.

Objectives: to accompany and help entrepreneurs, managers, investors in the development of the best production, commercial and growth strategies for external lines, at company or group level with a simple and immediate comparison of all the main players in the ceramic sector on a global scale.

Customized analyses with the most up-to-date data are available on request.


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